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Module: ThirdParty

Captures a live image using SmartRay.

Name Type Range Description
Input value
inAddress String Device identifying address
Input value
inPort Integer Device identifying network port
Input value
inConnectionTimeout Integer 1 - 1000 Timeout in seconds
Input value
inInputQueueSize Integer 1 - 200 Capacity of output frames queue
Input value
inDataTrigger SmartRayDataTrigger
Input value
inSmartXccelerate Bool*
Input value
inRegionOfInterest SmartRayRegionOfInterest*
Input value
inExposure SmartRayExposure*
Input value
inLaser SmartRayLaser*
Input value
inStartTrigger SmartRayStartTrigger*
Input value
inReflectionFilter SmartRayReflectionFilter*
Input value
inLaserLineThreshold IntegerArray*
Input value
inMinLaserLineThicknessLimit Integer*
Input value
inMaxLaserLineThicknessLimit Integer*
Input value
inSmartXpress Bool*
Input value
inSmartXtract Bool*
Input value
inSmartXtractAlgorithm SmartRaySmartXtractAlgorithm*
Input value
inSmartXactMode SmartRaySmartXactMode*
Output value
outImage Image Captured live image


Device identification

inAddress can be used to pick one of multiple devices connected to the computer. inAddress can be set to:

  • IP Address - SmartRay Device identifying IP address (e.g. "")

Camera driver software

This filter is intended to cooperate with a camera using its vendor SDK. To be able to connect to a camera, it is required to install SmartRay SDK software with camera dedicated drivers.

Add DLL path to system environment variable may be required.

Recommended SmartRay SDK version for Aurora Vision Studio usage is

Disable firewall software and set static IP in your network interface may be needed.

ECCO 35 and ECCO 55 series

Using SmartRay_LoadParameterSet before start acquisition or grab filter for this devices may be mandatory.

Camera parameters

Setting inInputQueueSize parameter to 'Auto' will select four value as input queue size.

All the other parameters exposed by camera filters are optional, setting them to 'Auto' leaves related parameter unchanged in camera (device default or user set configuration).

To change other, more advanced camera parameters, use specific filters.

Parallel execution

This filter cannot be placed in multiple Workers.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Disabled in Lite Edition

This filter is disabled in Lite Edition. It is available only in full, Aurora Vision Studio Professional version.

Filter Group

This filter is member of SmartRay_GrabImage filter group.

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