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Camera Calibration And 3D Reconstruction

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CreateCameraMatrixCreates an intrinsic camera matrix from focal lengths and principal point
CreateChessboardMatrixCreates simple array with object points.
CreateCirclesGridMatrixCreates simple array with object points.
cvCalibrateCameraFinds the camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters from pairs of corresponding image and object points arrays.
cvCalibrationMatrixValuesReturns camera characteristics from camera matrix.
cvCorrespondEpilinesComputes epilines in one view for a set of points in the other view
cvDrawChessboardCornersRenders the detected chessboard corners.
cvEstimateAffine3DComputes optimal affine transformation between two 3D point sets.
cvFindChessboardCornersFinds the positions of the internal corners of the chessboard.
cvFindCirclesGridFinds the centers in the grid of circles.
cvGetOptimalNewCameraMatrixComputes the new camera matrix based on the free scaling parameter.
cvInitCameraMatrix2DFinds the initial camera matrix from the 3D-2D point correspondences.
cvRodriguesConverts a Rvec vector to a Rotation Matrix
cvStereoBMComputes stereo correspondence using the block matching algorithm.
cvStereoCalibrateAVLPerforms stereo calibration of two cameras.
cvStereoRectifyAVLComputes rectification transforms for each head of a calibrated stereo camera.
cvStereoSGBMComputes stereo correspondence using the semi-global block matching algorithm.