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Module: ThirdParty

Captures a frame using BitFlow frame grabber.

Name Type Range Description
Input value inBoardNumber Integer Index of board
Input value inCameraFileName File Camera file
Input value inInputQueueSize Integer 1 - 200 Number of incoming frames that can be buffered before the application is able to process them
Input value inTriggerMode BitFlowTriggerMode Trigger mode of the current camera
Input value inTriggerAssignments BitFlowTrigAssignments Assign trigger to acquisition engine
Input value inTriggerAPolarity BitFlowTrigPolarity Polarity for trigger B
Input value inTriggerBPolarity BitFlowTrigPolarity Polarity for trigger A
Output value outImage Image Captured frame
Output value outFrameID Long Captured frame ID


Board driver software

This filter is intended to cooperate with board using its vendor SDK. To be able to connect with board it is required to install BitFlow SDK software. Currently Aurora Vision Studio requires BitFlow SDK version 6.30.

BitFlow SDK can be downloaded from following website: (registration may be required).

Running application
This filter uses camera configuration files, which are loaded to register. To load this file to register you should use SysReg application from BitFlow SDK.
Camera identification

To identify the camera, configuration file should be loaded to Aurora Vision Studio, using inCameraFileName input. Choosing index of board is too necessary.

Camera file must be located in configuration directory. Default configuration directory should be "C:\BitFlow SDK 5.90\Config". After that, correct directory should be used - it depends on type of board installed in system.

Camera parameters

To change trigger options or digital outputs, use Aurora Vision Studio(see "See also" paragraph). Another parameters might be changed by creating new configuration file. Configuration tool "CamEd" available with BitFlow SDK 5.90 should be used.

Supported pixel formats
  • Mono8
  • Mono10
  • Mono12
  • Mono16
  • Rgb24
  • Rgb30
  • Rgb36
  • Rgb48

Parallel execution

This filter cannot be placed in multiple Workers.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of Bitflow_GrabImage filter group.

See Also