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BitFlow_GetGPOutPinGets R64 GPOUT pins state
BitFlow_GetHardwareTriggerStatusGets the status of the hardware trigger
BitFlow_GetRegisterNameGets register name
BitFlow_GrabImageCaptures a frame using BitFlow frame grabber.
BitFlow_GrabImage_WithTimeoutUse this filter if the trigger may be not coming for some time, while the application should be performing other operations continuously (e.g. processing HMI events).
BitFlow_ReadValueFromRegisterReads value from register
BitFlow_SetGPOutPinSets R64 GPOUT pins
BitFlow_SoftwareTriggerPerform a software trigger
BitFlow_StartAcquisitionCaptures a frame using BitFlow frame grabber.
BitFlow_StopAcquisitionCaptures a frame using BitFlow frame grabber.
BitFlow_WriteValueToRegisterWrites value to register