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Offline Mode

The main purpose of the offline mode is the ability to record and playback a data sets in Aurora Vision Studio without the need for additional tools. In addition to the convenience of replaying datasets directly in the final user project, the user receives a convenient tool for managing datasets.

An example of an offline action plan:

  1. Prepare a demo using the available images or collect them directly on the production line using Aurora Vision Studio.
  2. Develop project using previously prepared data. List of images can be used as data for the unit testing purpose.
  3. Use of a ready program on the production line. Due to the possibility of replacing ReadFilmstrip filters using filters for capturing images from CCTV cameras, you can conveniently prepare the final version of the software
  4. Getting a finished project. At any time during the work, the system maintainer can collect new data sets that can be used to adapt the finished system.

See Also

  1. Managing Workspaces - extensive description how to manage dataset workspaces in Aurora Vision Studio.
  2. Using Filmstrip Control - tool for recording and restoring data from datasets in Aurora Vision Studio.
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