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Module: FoundationLite

Filter reads a data from the selected offline dataset.


The ReadFilmstrip filter exposes items of the Filmstrip Channel that is bound to it. Channel items are available at the filter's outputs. Each Channel item is returned in consecutive iterations.

The output data types and output count available in the ReadFilmstrip filter depends from the bound Channel type. There is always at least one output of the same type as the bound Channel and name in format:

out<channel name>

e.g., outImage for the channel with name Image.

For the data types, for which channel items are stored in the external files, e.g. Image, Region, Path, etc., the ReadFilmstrip additionally exposes, two extra outputs, which provides the information about the file name and file path of the current data item. The file-related outputs are hidden by default. Both of them are String outputs.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

See Also

  • The current dataset may be selected and modified in the Filmstrip control.

    The datasets are elements of the workspaces. Those can be managed both in the Filmstrip control and in the Workspaces window.

    The ReadFilmstrip may only be executed in the Offline Mode. In the Online Mode the filter is skipped during the program execution.