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Brick destroy (Game)

Macrofilter Main

Macrofilter ObstaclesCollisions

Macrofilter MovePalletWithClipping

Macrofilter HandleMovement

Macrofilter HandleCollisions

Macrofilter CheckForFailure

Macrofilter DrawScene(True)

Macrofilter DrawScene(False)

Macrofilter GameLoop

Used Filters

Icon Name Description
Loop Put this filter into a task that should have a loop, but does not have any other loop generators (e.g. GrabImage).
DrawStrings_MultiColor Draws strings (text) on an image with multiple colors.
RegionBoundingBox Computes the smallest box containing a region.
RegionDifference Computes a region containing pixels from the first input region but not from the second input region.
CreateCircleRegion Creates a circular region corresponding to a given circle.
CreateBoxRegion Creates a rectangular region corresponding to a given box.
RegionIntersection Computes the common part of two regions.
GetKeyboardKeyState Checks if the specified keyboard key is down and if it is toggled.
ClassifyByRange E.g. selection of the objects (e.g. blobs) whose associated values (e.g. area) meet the specified minimum and maximum requirements.
CreateIntegerSequence Creates an arithmetic sequence of integer numbers.
EmptyImage Most typically used to prepare a background for image drawing tools.
DrawCircles_SingleColor Draws circles on an image with a single color.
DilateRegion Making the region thicker or filling-in small holes within it.
DrawRegions_MultiColor Draws regions on an image with multiple colors.
TranslateRegion Translates a region by a given number of pixels along each axis.
DrawRegions_SingleColor Draws regions on an image with a single color.

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