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Module: ThirdParty

Captures an image from a XIMEA camera.

Name Type Range Description
Input value inDeviceID String* Camera chip ID or camera index
Input value inImageDataFormat XiApiImageDataFormat Output data format
Input value inTriggerSource XiApiTriggerSource* Defines source of trigger
Input value inDownsampling XiApiDownsampling* Changes image resolution by binning or skipping
Input value inExposureTime Integer* 0 - + Exposure time in microseconds
Input value inGain Real* Gain in dB
Input value inAoi Box* Required fragment of image to stream
Input value inBadPixelCorrection Bool* Correction of bad pixels
Input value inAutomaticExposureGain Bool* Automatic exposure gain
Output value outImage Image Captured frame
Output value outFrameID Long Captured frame ID
Output value outTimestamp Long Captured frame timestamp


To be able to use a XIMEA camera, you need to install camera driver. You can find it at the following address (select binaries):

Pleas make sure that xiApi SDK is properly installed on your computer. To verify the driver installation, you can run xiApiViewer.exe. If the camera was detected and you can see the image from it, you can use your XIMEA camera in Aurora Vision Studio.

Recommended xiApi SDK version for Aurora Vision Studio usage is 4.26.

Setting parameters

All the auto parameters (those with checkboxes in the Property window) are initially set to the default values of the camera (they are not changed in Aurora Vision Studio). You can modify them by checking a checkbox and entering your own value.

The inDeviceID parameter is set only once when the filter is executed for the first time (if it set to Auto, the first available camera in the system will be used). All the other parameters are set during the first filter execution or when the parameter is changed (they are not set in every iteration when the value is not changed).

In inAoi parameter, the values of X, Y and Height should be even and the value of Width should be divisible by 4 or 16 (the exact value depends on the camera model).

To set more complex parameters, please use one of the following filters: XiApi_SetParamInt, XiApi_SetParamFloat. Please note, that if you set some parameter value in the XiApi_GrabImage filter you should not modify it by xiApi_SetParamXxx filter - it may cause problems.


The full description of camera parameters can be found at the XIMEA website .

Alternatively you can also use GenICam filters to work with XIMEA cameras. Please refer to the article Working with Gen TL devices.

Parallel execution

This filter cannot be placed in multiple Workers.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of XiApi_GrabImage filter group.

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