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Optical Character Recognition

Select a filter from the list below.

AccessCharacterSampleProvides access to internal data of the CharacterSample structure.
AccessOcrCandidateReturns fields of OcrCandidate structure.
ExtractTextReady-to-use tool for extracting and splitting character to single characters.
GroupRegionsByLinesSplits an array of blobs by distance to a computed base lines
MakeCharacterSamplesCreates training font samples from the provided regions.
OcrMlpModelToOcrModelConverts OcrMlpModel(old type) to OcrModel
OcrModelToOcrMlpModelConverts OcrModel to OcrMlpModel
OcrModelToOcrSvmModelConverts OcrModel to OcrSvmModel
OcrSvmModelToOcrModelConverts OcrSvmModel(old type) to OcrModel
ReadTextReady-to-use tool for reading text from images using the OCR technique.
RecognizeCharactersUsually the last, yet the most important step of optical character recognition or verification.
SplitRegionIntoExactlyNCharactersText segmentation when the number of characters is known, usually followed by a RecognizeCharacters filter.
SplitRegionIntoMultipleCharactersText segmentation when the number of characters is unknown, usually followed by a RecognizeCharacters filter.
TrainOcr_MLPTrains an OCR multilayer perceptron classifier.
TrainOcr_SVMTrains an OCR support vector machines classifier.