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Optical Character Recognition

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AccessCharacterSampleProvides access to internal data of the CharacterSample structure.
AccessOcrCandidateReturns fields of OcrCandidate structure.
ExtractTextReady-to-use tool for extracting and splitting character to single characters.
GroupRegionsByLinesSplits an array of blobs by distance to a computed base lines
MakeCharacterSamplesCreates training font samples from the provided regions.
OcrMlpModelToOcrModelConverts OcrMlpModel(old type) to OcrModel
OcrModelToOcrMlpModelConverts OcrModel to OcrMlpModel
OcrModelToOcrSvmModelConverts OcrModel to OcrSvmModel
OcrSvmModelToOcrModelConverts OcrSvmModel(old type) to OcrModel
ReadTextReady-to-use tool for reading text from images using the OCR technique.
RecognizeCharactersClassifies input regions into characters. Based on the Multi-Layer Perceptron model.
SplitRegionIntoExactlyNCharactersSplits the input region into a fixed-size array of regions corresponding to individual characters.
SplitRegionIntoMultipleCharactersSplits the input region into an array of regions corresponding to individual characters.
TrainOcr_MLPTrains an OCR multilayer perceptron classifier.
TrainOcr_SVMTrains an OCR support vector machines classifier.