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Module: OCR

Splits an array of blobs by distance to a computed base lines

Name Type Range Description
inRegions RegionArray Input regions (parts of characters)
inRoi Rectangle2D Range of character classification
inRoiAlignment CoordinateSystem2D*
inLinesCount Integer 0 - ROI is divided into inLinesCount lines
inLineWidth Real 0.0 - Value of line range used if inRemoveOutliers is set to TRUE
inRemoveOutliers Bool If this flag is set blobs with distance greater than inLineWidth are removed.
outLines RegionArrayArray Lines in single Array
outLine0 RegionArray
outLine1 RegionArray
outLine2 RegionArray
outLine3 RegionArray
outAlignedRoi Rectangle2D
diagLines Segment2DArray Segments which indicates the position of lines
diagLineRanges Rectangle2DArray Rectangles represents range of lines which are included if inRemoveOutliers is set
diagRegionPoints Point2DArray Point which indicates region position


As you can see in the below picture, the filter's task is to divide the input region into several sub-regions by its placement in a line. As a result, each line represents a separate region.

Exemplary result of the filter's usage.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Advanced Complexity Level.