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Captures an image from an ifm device.

Name Type Range Description
inAddress IFMCameraAddress Device identifying address
inGrab3dCoordinates Bool Enable 3d coordinates capturing
inFrameRate Real* 0.017 - 300.0 Sets the target frame rate in fps at which device should capture images
inResolution IFMResolution* Sets the resolution of output image
inTriggerMode IFMTriggerMode* Sets the trigger mode on device for capturing image
outDistancesImage Image Captured distance image
outAmplitudeImage Image Captured amplitude image
outInvalidRois RegionArray Region array with invalid pixels: INVALID, SATURATED, INCONSISTENT and LOW_SIGNAL.
out3dCoordinates Point3DGrid? Captured 3d coordinates


Device driver software

This filter is intended to cooperate with a device using PMDSDK 2. In order to connect with the device, it is required to download PMDSDK 2.

PMDSDK 2 can be downloaded from the following website:!/infomaterialanddownloads?_type=infomaterialanddownloads&docType=download. Please download "O3D303 Software Development Kit"

After download you have to manually copy pmdaccess2.dll file to Adaptive Vision Studio main directory (usually located in Program Files). Alternatively you can add directory with this dll file to PATH environment variable

Additionally in inAddress input you will need to provide camera plugin and processing plugin file path.

It is recommended to disable DHCP in the device and using static IP address.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of IFM_GrabImage filter group.

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