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Module: ThirdParty

Captures images from a Flir camera.

Name Type Range Description
Input value inDeviceSerialNumber Integer* Source device serial number
Input value inAoi Box* Required fragment of image to stream
Input value inShutter Real* 0.0 - Shutter time
Input value inGain Real* 0.0 - Image analog gain value
Input value inExposure Real* Exposure time
Input value inFrameRate Real* 0.1 - Requested camera frame rate
Input value inTriggerMode FlirTriggerMode Camera trigger mode and source control
Input value inColorMode FlirColorMode Requested grayscale or color mode of output image
Output value outImage Image Output image


Getting Started

This application note provides information on how to install, configure, and use Point Grey imaging cameras with Aurora Vision software: Getting Started with Aurora Vision.

Camera driver software

This filter is intended to cooperate with camera using its vendor SDK. To be able to connect to camera it is required to install Fly Capture 2 SDK software with camera dedicated drivers. Currently Aurora Vision Studio requires Fly Capture version

Fly Capture 2 SDK can be downloaded from the following website: (registration may be required).

For 64 bit Aurora Vision Studio it is required to install 64 bit SDK version.

Camera identification

When there is only one camera connected to computer, inDeviceSerialNumber field can be set to Auto. In this situation first available camera will be found and connected.

inDeviceSerialNumber can be used to pick one of multiple cameras connected to computer. Set this field to device serial number (for example "1234567", should be available on device casing as "s/n: 1234567").

Camera parameters

Most of parameters exposed by camera filters are optional, setting them to 'Auto' leaves related parameters for automatic configuration by camera driver (for example shutter time will be adjusted according to light conditions).

To change other and more advanced camera parameters use configuration tool "FlyCap2" available with Fly Capture 2 SDK. Refer to SDK documentation to find information about parameters and how to save parameters into memory channels.

Parallel execution

This filter cannot be placed in multiple Workers.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Filter Group

This filter is member of FlyCapture_GrabImage filter group.

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