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Feature Detection

Select a filter from the list below.

cvCannyFinds edges in an image using Canny algorithm.
cvCornerEigenValsAndVecsCalculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors of image blocks for corner detection.
cvCornerHarrisHarris edge detector.
cvCornerMinEigenValCalculates the minimal eigenvalue of gradient matrices for corner detection.
cvCornerSubPixRefines the corner locations.
cvGoodFeaturesToTrackDetermines strong corners on an image.
cvHoughCirclesFinds circles in a grayscale image using a Hough transform.
cvHoughLinesFinds lines in a binary image using standard Hough transform.
cvHoughLinesPFinds lines segments in a binary image using probabilistic Hough transform.
cvLineSegmentDetectorFinds line segments on an image.
cvPreCornerDetectCalculates the feature map for corner detection.