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Determines strong corners on an image.

Name Type Range Description
inImage Image Input single-channel UINT8 or REAL image.
inMaxCorners Integer 0 - Maximum number of corners to return. If there are more corners than are found, the strongest of them is returned.
inQualityLevel Real 0.0 - 1.0 Parameter characterizing the minimal accepted quality of image corners.
inMinDistance Real 0.0 - Minimum possible Euclidean distance between the returned corners.
inMask Region* Region of interest.
inBlockSize Integer 1 - Size of an average block for computing a derivative covariation matrix over each pixel neighborhood.
inUseHarrisDetector Bool Parameter indicating whether to use a Harris detector or cornerMinEigenVal.
inK Real Free parameter of the Harris detector.
outCorners Point2DArray Output array of detected corners.


This filter can throw an exception to report error. Read how to deal with errors in Error Handling.

List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError Input image must be single-channel UINT8 or REAL in cvGoodFeaturesToTrack.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.