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Module: OpenCV

Calculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors of image blocks for corner detection.

Name Type Range Description
inSrc Image Input single-channel UINT8 or REAL image.
inBlockSize Integer 1 - Neighborhood size.
inApertureSize Integer 1 - 31 Aperture parameter for the Sobel operator.
inBorderType CvBorderType Pixel extrapolation method.
outDst ImageArray Output array of six single-channel images.


This filter can throw an exception to report error. Read how to deal with errors in Error Handling.

List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError BORDER_TRANSPARENT is not supported in cvCornerEigenValsAndVecs
DomainError BORDER_WRAP is not supported in cvCornerEigenValsAndVecs
DomainError Input image must be UINT8 single-channel in cvCornerEigenValsAndVecs.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.