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NET SynView

Select a function from the list below.

Icon Name Description
SynView_ConfigureDigitalIO Configure SynView digital IO.
SynView_ConfigureStrobe Controls the built-in camera strobe.
SynView_ConfigureTimer Configures one of the internal hardware timers available in the camera.
SynView_ExecuteCommand Executes a command.
SynView_GenerateSoftwareTrigger Generates a software trigger, trigger source should be set to 'software'.
SynView_GetBoolParameter Gets parameter of type Bool.
SynView_GetDigitalIOStates Gets SynView digital IO states.
SynView_GetEnumParameter Gets parameter of type Enumeration.
SynView_GetIntegerParameter Gets parameter of type Integer.
SynView_GetRealParameter Gets parameter of type Real.
SynView_GetStringParameter Gets parameter of type String.
SynView_GrabImage Captures a frame using SynView.
SynView_GrabImage_WithTimeout Use this filter if the trigger may be not coming for some time, while the application should be performing other operations continuously (e.g. processing HMI events).
SynView_SetBoolParameter Sets parameter of type Bool.
SynView_SetEnumParameter Sets parameter of type Enumeration.
SynView_SetIntegerParameter Sets parameter of type Integer.
SynView_SetRealParameter Sets parameter of type Real.
SynView_SetStringParameter Sets parameter of type String.
SynView_SetUserOutput Sets SynView user outputs.
SynView_StartAcquisition Typically used for establishing camera connectivity before the first trigger event. Especially important for multiple-camera systems.