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Trains SVM model



public static void SVM_Train
	AvlNet.SvmModel inSvmModel,
	IList<IList<float>> inVectorArray,
	IList<int> inAnswerArray,
	AvlNet.SvmModel outSvmModel,
	out float outTrainingAccuracy


Name Type Range Default Description
inSvmModelAvlNet.SvmModelInitialized SVM model.
inVectorArraySystem.Collections.Generic.IList<System.Collections.Generic.IList<float>>Training data vector array.
inAnswerArraySystem.Collections.Generic.IList<int>Correct classes for data vectors.
outSvmModelAvlNet.SvmModelTrained model.
outTrainingAccuracyfloatAccuracy of prediction on training set.


The operation trains an SVM classifier initialized beforehand by SVM_Init function. It takes two arrays as arguments:

  • inVectorArray, an array of data points with known classes
  • inAnswerArray, an array of classes where the corresponding data points belong

Those two arrays have to be of the same size. Moreover, there have to be at least two classes within the training data set.

The output outSvmModel is an SVM_Model that may be used by SVM_ClassifySingle function.

outTrainingAccuracy is the fraction of correctly classified training data points.


List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError Data vector cannot be empty in SVM_Train.
DomainError Incompatible array sizes in SVM_Train
DomainError Incompatible vector sizes in SVM_Train.
DomainError Incorrect or uninitialized SvmModel in Svm_Train.
DomainError SM model is already trained in SVM_Train.

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