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ActivityIndicator Display control that provides an animation indicating waiting or working state of UI.
AnalogIndicator Display control of analog value indicator with needle and round board.
AnalogIndicatorWithScales Display control of analog value indicator with needle and green/yellow/red colors marked on a round board.
Arc2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Arc2D objects.
Arc2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Arc2D.
ArcFittingFieldArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of ArcFittingField objects.
ArcFittingFieldDesigner Prompts the user to edit the ArcFittingField.
BarcodeGrades Holds information about Barcode quality.
BoxArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Box objects.
BoxDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Box.
ByteBufferThis type stores a raw binary data of variable length (a continuous stream of bytes). It is usually used when implementing a non-textual custom communication with external systems and devices, or when working with non-textual files of arbitrary formats.
Circle2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Circle2D objects.
Circle2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Circle2D.
CircleFittingFieldArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of CircleFittingField objects.
CircleFittingFieldDesigner Prompts the user to edit the CircleFittingField.
DataCode Holds information about data code: its position and text which is encoded.
DataMatrixCodeParams Specifies range of possible data matrix codes.
DataMatrixDetectionParams Specifies how data matrix codes are being detected.
EdgeModelDesigner Prompts the user to edit an Edge Model.
GrayModelDesigner Prompts the user to edit a Gray Model.
Knob Value selection control class representing a round knob.
Line2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Line2D objects.
Line2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Line2D.
LocationArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Location objects.
LocationDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Location.
OnOffButton ON/OFF switchable button control.
OrganicModel Compound classifier suited for classification of organic objects.
PassFailIndicator Display control class representing one of the Pass/Neutral/Fail states.
PathArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Path objects.
PathDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Path.
PathFittingFieldArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of PathFittingField objects.
PathFittingFieldDesigner Prompts the user to edit the PathFittingField.
PCAModel Holds information about conducted Principal Components Analysis operation.
PDF417CodeParams Specifies range of possible PDF417 codes.
Point2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Point2D objects.
Point2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Point2D.
ProcessHelperHelper class that allows to break currently executing functions.
QRCode Holds information about QR code: its position, version and text which is encoded.
Rectangle2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Rectangle2D objects.
Rectangle2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Rectangle2D.
RegionDesigner Prompts the user to edit a Region.
Segment2DArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of Segment2D objects.
Segment2DDesigner Prompts the user to edit the Segment2D.
SegmentFittingFieldArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of SegmentFittingField objects.
SegmentFittingFieldDesigner Prompts the user to edit the SegmentFittingField.
SegmentScanFieldArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of SegmentScanField objects.
SegmentScanFieldDesigner Prompts the user to edit the SegmentScanField.
SelectingVideoBox Extension of VideoBox class adding ability to select a cropping rectangle on top of the image.
ShapeRegionArrayDesigner Prompts the user to edit an array of ShapeRegion objects.
ShapeRegionDesigner Prompts the user to edit the ShapeRegion.
SurfaceFormat Stores information about dimensions, depth image pixel format, coordinate offsets and scales of a surface.
TextSegmentationMethod Parameters for region segmentation algorithms.
TextThresholdingMethod Parameters of text extraction algorithm.
TextureModel Model of texture obtained using texture exemplars method.
VideoBox Optimized for efficiency (with hardware acceleration) control displaying images or video frames.
VideoBoxImage Helper class for Image property (data port) in the VideoBox control.
VideoBoxPrimitive Represents a single 2D geometry primitive displayed by the View2DBox control.
View2DBox Extension of the VideoBox control allowing to show a set of 2D geometry primitives on top of the image.
View2DBoxPrimitive Represents a single 2D geometry primitive displayed by the View2DBox control.
View3DBox Hardware accelerated display control for presenting 3D point cloud data and primitives.
ZoomingVideoBox VideoBox class extension that allows end user to manipulate preview zoom and translation.


Anchor3D Decides about relative position of object in 3D. Exact behaviour depends on filter being used.
ArcFittingField The structure defines a ring-like field in which an arc will be fitted.
BarcodeGradingDiagnostic Holds information about Barcode quality.
BlobSplittingParams This structure contains parameters for splitting region into blobs.
CircleFittingField The structure defines a ring-like field in which a circle will be fitted.
ClassConfidence Represents a confidence of given class in Image Classification.
ColorThresholdParams This structure contains parameters for color-based thresholding of an image.
CoordinateSystem Equivalent of the CoordinateSystem2D AVS type. Describes general transform of the object on the 2D surface.
DataMatrix Holds information about DataMatrix: its position and text which is encoded.
DynamicThresholdParams This structure contains parameters for dynamic thresholding of an image.
Edge1D Represents edges found by 1DEdgeDetection functions.
EdgeScanParams This structure contains parameters of edge scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to edge scanning related functions.
EdgeScanParams3D This structure contains parameters of surface edge scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to surface edge scanning related functions.
Extremum1D Represents extremum found in profile.
Extremum2D Represents extremum found in image.
FeatureClass Represents a single class in supervised deep learning.
Gap1D Represents gaps found by 1DEdgeDetection functions.
Gaussian Describes multinomial gaussian function.
HoughCircle Aggregates detected circle with its score.
ImageLocalExtremaVerification This structure contains parameters for verification of local extrema visible on an image.
IntensityThresholdParams This structure contains parameters for thresholding an image.
LinearFunction Represents a linear function.
LocalBlindness This structure contains parameters of 1D scanning process that can prevent weaker edges in the vicinity of some strong edges from being detected.
NDCooccurrenceParams Parameters for COM Filter
NDGaussianMixtureParams Gaussian Parameters for TEXEM Filter
Object2D This is output structure for template matching related functions. It groups matched object with its properties.
PDF417Code Holds information about PDF417 code: its position and text which is encoded.
PDF417DetectionParams Specifies how PDF417 codes are being detected.
ProfileEdge Represents edges found in profile.
ProfileRidge Represents ridges found in profile.
ProfileSection Represents sections found in profile.
ProfileStripe Represents stripes found in profile.
RegionProcessingParams This structure contains parameters for opening and closing of a region.
Ridge1D Represents ridges found by 1DEdgeDetection functions.
RidgeScanParams This structure contains parameters of ridge scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to ridge scanning related functions.
RidgeScanParams3D This structure contains parameters of surface ridge scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to surface ridge scanning related functions.
SegmentFittingField The structure defines a rectangular field in which a segment will be fitted.
SegmentScanField The structure defines a rectangular field in which a series of scan will be performed.
ShapeRegion Region defined by its shape.
Size Object contains integer dimensions.
Stripe1D Represents stripes found by 1DEdgeDetection functions.
StripeScanParams This structure contains parameters of stripe scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to stripe scanning related functions.
StripeScanParams3D This structure contains parameters of surface stripe scanning process. Instance of this structure should be customized and passed as a parameter to surface stripe scanning related functions.
SurfaceEdge1D Represents surface edges found by 1DEdgeDetection3D functions.
SurfaceRidge1D Represents surface ridges found by 1DEdgeDetection3D functions.
SurfaceStripe1D Represents surface stripes found by 1DEdgeDetection3D functions.
TexemModel Model for TEXEM Filter
TextSegmentation How text should be split


ActivationFunctionFunction used to activate neuron.
ActivityIndicator.Mode Determines the display mode of ActivityIndicator control.
AdjustmentMetricOptimization metric for path adjustment
Anchor1DDecides about relative position of object. Exact behaviour depends on filter being used.
Anchor2DDecides about relative position of object. Exact behaviour depends on filter being used.
AngleMetricMethods of angle measurement.
AxisSelects axis on which operation will be performed.
AXISResolutionSets resolution of captured image.
AXISRotationRotates image clockwise by specified angle.
BarcodeFormatRecognizable formats of barcodes.
BarcodeGradingErrorCode grading error details.
BayerTypeDescribes kind of Bayer-encoding.
BitFlowTrigAssignmentsPossible assignments of trigger signals.
BitFlowTriggerModePossible trigger signal modes.
BitFlowTriggersAvailable triggers.
BitFlowTrigPolaritySelects active state of trigger signal.
BlobMergingMethodChanges classification method in gray based image segmentation.
BlobsDifferenceMeasureChanges classification method in gray based image segmentation.
BorderPositionDetermines where exactly the border is built.
BoundingRectangleFeatureCriterion of finding bounding rectangle.
CharacterSortingOrderDecides whether and how to sort character regions in optical character recognition related filters.
CircleFittingMethodPossible methods of fitting a circle to a set of points.
CircularityMeasureWhen calculating circularity one may choose to use different reference circular region.
ColorPaletteDescribes which color palette will be used by the ColorizeImage filter.
CompareMeasureWays of computing image compare.
CornerResponseMethodCorner detection method
CorrelationMeasureWays of computing image correlation.
CropScaleModeChooses scale for the output image.
CvAdaptiveMethodMethods for OpenCV Adaptive Threshold operation. (AdaptiveThresholdTypes)
CvBorderTypeOpenCV border type (BorderTypes).
CvColorMapColor palette used in cvApplyColorMap
CvContourApproximationMethodMethods of approximation available for OpenCV contour detection.
CvContourRetrievalModeMethods of OpenCV contour retrieving.
CvConversionCodeAvailable image conversions in OpenCV.
CvDistanceTypeAvailable OpenCV distance measure types (DistanceTypes).
CvFontTypeFonts available in OpenCV.
CvGrabCutModeModes of OpenCV GrabCut algorithm.
CvHoughMethodAvailable Hough Transform methods in OpenCV function.
CvInpaintMethodAvailable OpenCV inpaint algorithms.
CvInterpolationMethodInterpolation methods available for OpenCV operations. (InterpolationFlags)
CvMorphologicalOperationTypes of OpenCV morphological operations. (MorphTypes)
CvShapeMatchingMethodOpenCV shape matching algorithms.
CvStructuringShapeAvailable OpenCV kernels for morphological operations (MorphShapes).
CvTemplateMatchingMethodDescribes template matching algorithms in OpenCV.
CvTerminationCriteriaTermination criteria for iterative algorithms.
CvThresholdTypeOpenCV methods of thresholding operation.
DAQmxActiveEdgeSets signal' active edge.
DAQmxCountDirectionSelects how to count signal edges.
DAQmxFrequencyUnitPossible frequency units for DAQmx devices.
DAQmxIdleStateChooses idle state for configured terminal.
DAQmxPulseWidthUnitPossible pulse width units for DAQmx devices.
DAQmxSampleModeMethods of signal sampling for DAQmx devices.
DAQmxShuntResistorLocSelects where shunting resistor is located in DAQmx device.
DAQmxTerminalConfigSignal transmission method
DAQNaviTriggerDecides which state of input lines will request interrupt.
DataMatrixCodeTypeDetermines which datamatrix code type is decoded.
DataMatrixDetectionMethodSpecifies how code candidates are located.
DataMatrixGapSizeSpecifies the distance between neighboring modules.
DataMatrixOutlineStrategySpecifies precision of outline detection.
DataMatrixPyramidStrategySpecifies the step of image downsampling used for finding codes at different scales.
DataMatrixTypeDetermines datamatrix code type.
DataPreprocessingMethod to use when preprocessing data.
DelimiterHandlingDelimiting sequence handling mode.
DifferentiationMethodMethods of profile differentiation.
DirectionModeSelects direction of port being configured.
DistanceMeasureMethod to use when measuring distance between two objects like Profiles, Histograms or Images.
DownsampleRegionModeDecides what method will be used by DownsampleRegion filter.
DrawingModeMethods of drawing on the image.
EdgeFilterDetermines which method is used to compute image gradients.
EdgeMaskFilterNon-recursive filters for gradient computing.
EdgeTransitionDecides what is considered as an edge in the image.
ElectricalModePossible electrical modes of analog port.
EquidistanceTypeMethods of maintaining equal distance in corner cases.
ExtremumTypeDecides what kind of extremum is returned.
FileAccessModePossible ways of accessing files.
FileSortingOrderCriterion to take into account when sorting files.
FitTypePossibilities of solution fitting.
GaussKernelPossible dimensions of gaussian kernel used to smooth image.
GenActivationModeSpecifies how Genicam command execution filters reacts on activation input.
GenICamParameterScopeIdentifies module in GenICam GenTL software stack when accessing GenAPI setting sets.
GocatorDecisionCodeRepresents the possible measurement decision codes.
GocatorTriggerSourceRepresents a trigger.
GradientAngleRangeRange of image gradient angles to choose from
GradientMaskOperatorDescribes methods of image gradient computing.
GradientOperatorDescribes which operator use to compute image gradient.
HikvisionEventPossible triggering or strobe event for Hikvision camera.
HikvisionLinePossible output line for strobe for Hikvision camera.
HikvisionPixelFormatPossible pixel formats for Hikvision camera.
HikvisionTriggerActivationPossible trigger polarity for Hikvision camera.
HikvisionTriggerSourcePossible trigger source for Hikvision camera.
HSxColorModelColor models used in given operation.
ICImagingControlColorFormatSets captured frame pixel format.
ICubeBinSkipPossible methods of pixel skipping.
ICubeGrabModeDescribes grabbing methods.
ICubeResolutionModeGraphics mode of acquired image.
ICubeTriggerModeAvailable modes of triggering.
IDSBinningDefines binning modes for IDS cameras.
IDSGPIOConfigurationDefines GPIO configurations IDS cameras.
IDSMirrorDefines mirror modes for IDS cameras.
IDSTriggerModeDefines trigger mode for IDS cameras.
IFMResolutionPossible resolutions of IFM device.
IFMTriggerModePossible trigger modes of IFM device.
ImageFileFormatAvailable formats.
ImageMomentTypePossible image moment descriptors.
ImagePixelType Specifies the image pixel data type for image data.
InterpolationMethodPossible pixel interpolation methods:
JoinDirectionDescribes in which direction join should be performed.
KernelShapeDescribes structuring element shape.
KMeansClusteringMethodPossible methods of KMeans clustering.
LawsFilterSizePossible size of Laws texture filter.
LawsFilterTypePossible types of Laws filter.
LinearBinaryPatternTypeLinear Binary Pattern kind.
LinePeakDetectionMethodDetermines exact line peak position extraction method.
LumeneraPixelFormatPixel format returned by the camera
LumeneraPropertiesImage properties
MagnitudeMeasureMethod of estimation of the vectors' magnitude.
MarkerTypeSegment line cap shapes drawn at the segment ends.
MatchingCriterionMethods of classifying an object as a member of group.
MeanKernelDescribes shape and size of structuring element used during smoothing.
MeasureObjectMethodPossible methods of measuring width of an object.
MEstimatorDefines how to suppress the influence of values far from most others on the result.
MetricTwo-point distance calculation method
Metric3DSpecifies method of calculating distance between two points in 3D.
MetricUnitRepresents available metric units for drawing dimensions on image.
MirrorDirectionDescribes possible directions of image mirroring.
MlpPreprocessingSets additional normalization process.
ModbusDataFormatDescribes possible data formats.
MorphologyKernelDescribes shape and size of kernel used during morphological operation.
MultiCamAcquisitionModePossible methods of acquiring images.
MultiCamColorFormatSupported image color formats.
MultiCamDestinationClassDescribes classes of devices, which can be configured.
MultiCamInputStatePossible state of input pin.
MultiCamInputStylePossible electric styles of Input/Output ports.
MultiCamOutputStatePossible state of output pin.
MultiCamOutputStyleElectrical style of I/O lines used as outputs
MVGenTLPixelFormatSets captured image pixel format.
MvIMPACTTriggerActivationSignal state to be considered as active.
MvIMPACTTriggerSourcePossible trigger signal sources.
NeousysWatchdogTimerUnitPossible watchdog timer tick units on a Neousys computer.
NonMaximaMethodDefines the way non-maxima are detected.
NumberSystemBaseSpecifies the base of the number system.
OcrModelTypeOCR classifier type used to determine characters
OrganicFeatureOrganic object descriptors.
PassFailIndicator.IndicatorImageSizeMode Specifies the size stretching mode of the PassFailIndicator control in the Image display mode.
PassFailIndicator.Mode Specifies the display mode of the PassFailIndicator control.
PathDistanceModeMethod of distance between path computation.
PathFeatureDetermines which path feature value to compute.
PathFilterDetermines which paths will be taken into account.
PathOrientationAlignmentDetermines how to align paths orientation.
PathSegmentationModeDescribes possible output of segmentation operation.
PeriodPrecisionMethodDetermines if and how sub-point accuracy is achieved
Point3DFileFormatAvailable formats.
PointGreyColorModeSets whether captured image will be colorful or in grayscale.
PointGreyTriggerModeSets kind of trigger source.
PointShapePossible points' shapes to draw.
PolarInterpolationMethodPossible pixel interpolation methods for polar transform:
PolarityDetermines which pixel values will be taken under consideration in processing in edge detection related operations.
PolarSpaceTypeImage transformation space.
Primitive3DType Specifies the type of the primitive handled by the View3DBox control.
ProfileBox.SizeMode Specifies profile scaling mode in ProfileBox control.
ProfileInterpolationMethodPossible values of ProfileInterpolationMethod:
ProjectionDirectionPossible directions of projection operations.
ProjectionModePossible combinations of values in projection operations.
PylonImageFormatSets captured image pixel format.
PylonTriggerActivationDecides about input signal state which is treated as a trigger.
PylonTriggerSourceDecides which agent will trigger capture of the image.
PylonUserOutputSelects one of available outputs.
RectangleOrientationDescribes how to adjust rectangle's orientation.
RectangularRoiMaskDescribes what shape the ROI inside rectangle will have.
RegionConnectivityDecides how to understand, which pixels are connected.
RegionContourModeDecides what kind of paths will be result of RegionContour filter.
RegionFeatureDetermines which region feature value to compute.
RegionMomentTypeRegion mathematical feature computed as sum of region pixel coordinates
RegionSkeletonMethodAvailable methods for region skeletonization operation.
RemoteGrabberPixelFormatPossible color formats of image.
ResizeMethodInterpolation method used when image resizing is considered.
ResizeProfileInterpolationMethods of interpolation during profile resizing.
RidgeOperatorMethod of the ridge magnitude measuring.
RoseekExposureModeWorking mode of image acquisition.
RoseekImageFormatSets captured image pixel format.
RoseekLEDDriverModeConfigures LED driver mode.
RoseekLEDDriverTypeLED driver type.
RoseekLEDStatusDevice LED state.
RoseekResolutionModeSets resolution of image.
RoseekWorkingModeWorking mode of image acquisition.
RotationDirectionDecides about direction of rotation when operation of angle measuring or vector interpolation are considered.
RotationSizeModeDescribes image size change when rotating is performed.
SamplingDensityPredefined sampling density.
SegmentationAlgorithmThe way in which text should be split int characters.
SelectionDescribes which result will be reported as filter output.
SerialPortFlowControlPossible flow control settings.
SerialPortParityPossible values of parity.
SerialPortStopBitsDescribes possible numbers of stop bits.
ShapeMomentTypeShape moments are shapes' mathematical features computed as integrals over shape points, where \(p_x\) and \(p_y\) denotes x and y coordinate of a point.
ShapeRegionType Specifies the type of the Shape Region primitive.
ShiftDirectionDirection that vertices of the path will be moved in.
ShiftTypeDescribes ways of object shifting
SmoothImageMedianKernelDescribes kernel shape to be used during median image smoothing.
SortingOrderDecides whether objects should be sorted in ascendant or descendant order.
SpinnakerAutoSettingsAutomatic control mode configuration.
SpinnakerBayerConverterBayer to RGB converter. Used only when Bayer pixel format selected
SpinnakerPixelFormatSets captured image pixel format.
SplitDirectionDescribes a direction in which a box or a rectangle can be split.
StreamModeDescribes, how to interpret file stream.
SurfaceEdgeTransitionDecides what is considered a surface edge.
SurfaceRidgePolarityDetermines which height values will be taken under consideration in processing in surface ridge detection related operations.
SurfaceStripePolarityDetermines which pixel values will be taken under consideration in processing in surface edge detection related operations.
SvmKernelTypeAvailable Support Vector Machine kernels.
SvmTypePossible Support Vector Machine types.
SynViewAutoModePossible exposure settings.
SynViewColorFormatPossible color formats of image.
SynViewLineSourceSelects which internal signal will drive output signal.
SynViewStrobeEnableSelects the LED clusters of the strobe light.
SynViewTimerSelectorPossible timers.
SynViewTimerTriggerSourcePossible timer trigger source.
SynViewTriggerActivationActivation mode of trigger.
SynViewTriggerSourcePossible trigger sources.
SynViewUserOutputsPossible user outputs.
TestImageIdType of test image.
TheilSenVariantDefines a specific method of the Theil-Sen family.
ThorlabsReadoutSpeedDefines sensor readout speed for Thorlabs cameras.
ThorlabsTapsDefines number of taps for Thorlabs cameras.
ThorlabsTriggerPolarityDefines trigger polarity for Thorlabs cameras.
ThresholdDynamicReferenceMethodPossible methods of calculating dynamic threshold values. See SmoothImage filter family.
ThresholdingAlgorithmWhich algorithm should be used to extract image from the background.
ThresholdSelectionMethodPossible methods of selecting of the threshold automatically.
TiffImageCompressionSchemeAvailable TIFF compression schemes.
TileSizeDefines tile size used in segmentation.
TileTranslationModeHow many translation of a tile should be considered.
TimingModePossible configurations of tasks' timing.
TurnAngleDirectionDecides which turns are important in operation being performed.
TurnAnglePrecisionSwitches between pixel-precise or subpixel-precise operation.
VideoBoxDisplayMode Specifies the underlying display technology mode for the VideoBox control.
VideoBoxPrimitiveType Specifies the type of a primitive displayed by the View2DBox control.
VideoBoxSizeMode Determines the image size handling mode of the VideoBox control.
VideoEncoderSupported video encoders. Note that those encoders are not shipped with the software.
View3DBox.WorldOrientationMode Determines the world coordinate system type for the View3DBox control.
View3DColoringMode Specifies the point cloud points automatic coloring mode.
View3DGridDisplayMode Specifies the coordinate system measuring grid display mode used in the View3DBox scene visualization.
View3DProjectionMode Specifies the view/projection mode used by the View3DBox control to present its scene.
View3DWorldOrientation Specifies the world space coordinate system type used by the View3DBox control to display its scene.
VimbaExposureAutoAutomatic exposure mode when ExposureMode is Timed.
VimbaExposureModeSets the operation mode of the Exposure.
VimbaIIDCModeThe IIDC Format.
VimbaPixelFormatPossible color formats of image.
VimbaTriggerActivationSpecifies the activation mode of the trigger.
VimbaTriggerSelectorSelects the type of trigger to configure.
VisionBoxDigitalOutSourcePossible sources for digital output pins.
VisionBoxIOSchedulerCmpSrcPossible comparison sources for VisionBox IO Scheduler.
VisionBoxIOSchedulerCounterPossible modes of scheduler counter.
VisionBoxIOSchedulerEncoderDirDescribes direction of encoder for IO Scheduler of VisionBox.
VisionBoxLedModePossible to set modes of Light Emitting Diodes of VisionBox computers.
VisionBoxMuxSourceSignals possible to connect to internal Multiplexer
VisionBoxRS422OutSourcePossible sources of VisionBox RS422 outputs.
VisionBoxStrobeModePossible mode of strobes
VisionBoxStrobeSourcePossible signal sources for strobe device
VisionBoxTriggerSourcePossible source-signals for Trigger device
WebCameraInputFormatWebCamera preferred input pixel type.
XiApiDownsamplingPossible ways of changing image resolution.
XiApiGPIModePossible roles of General Purpose Input ports.
XiApiGPOModePossible roles of General Purpose Output ports.
XiApiImageDataFormatPossible image formats.
XiApiTriggerSourcePossible trigger source settings.
XIMEAFilterModePossible internal filters.
XIMEAGPIOStatePossible states of GPIO port.
XIMEAGPIStatePossible states of General Purpose Input ports.
XIMEAGPOStatePossible states of General Purpose Output ports.
XIMEATriggerModePossible trigger modes.
ZoomingVideoBoxMode Specifies the size handling mode of the ZoomingVideoBox control.
ZoomingVideoBoxSizeMode Specifies the initial size handling mode for ZoomingVideoBox class.
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