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GigE Vision

GigEVision_CloseHandleCloses a handle opened in GigE Vision subsystem.
GigEVision_FindDevicesThis function performs enumeration of network devices and returns a list of present device descriptors.
GigEVision_FlushInputQueueDiscards remaining queued image frames and video stream data from network buffers.
GigEVision_GetAcquisitionActiveChecks if specified device is currently streaming video.
GigEVision_GetDeviceConnectionOpenedChecks if connection with specified device is still active.
GigEVision_GetPixelFormatsRetrieves a list of available pixel formats supported by opened device.
GigEVision_OpenDeviceOpens a handle to a GigE Vision device.
GigEVision_OpenSystemConfigurationOpens configuration node set of GigE Vision application transport layer.
GigEVision_ReceiveImageReceives next frame from video stream.
GigEVision_StartAcquisitionInitializes and starts image acquisition in a device.
GigEVision_StopAcquisitionStops image acquisition in a device.
GigEVision_TryReceiveImageReceives next frame from video stream.