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Point3DGrid Spatial Transforms

Select a function from the list below.

CropPoint3DGridRemoves from the grid points that are not contained in a given rectangular box.
CropPoint3DGridByNeighborsProximityRemoves from the grid points that are too distant from their neighbor points.
CropPoint3DGridByPlaneProximityRemoves from the grid points that are too distant from a given plane.
CropPoint3DGridToRegionRemoves points that are not represented in a given region of the input grid.
JoinPoint3DGridsCombines two point grids into one.
RescalePoint3DGridChanges the distances of grid points to a reference point.
RotatePoint3DGridRotates a grid of 3D points around an axis in 3D.
SplitPoint3DGridByPlaneSeparates the points being on one side of the input plane from the others.
TransformPoint3DGridApplies a general transformation expressed by a matrix to a grid of 3D points.
TranslatePoint3DGridTranslates a grid of points by a vector.