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Point3DGrid Spatial Transforms

Select a function from the list below.

Icon Name Description Library
AlignPoint3DGridToPlane Rotates a grid of 3D points with a rotation that transforms the input plane to be parallel to XY plane. Professional
CropPoint3DGrid Removes from the grid points that are not contained in a given rectangular box. Professional
CropPoint3DGridByNeighborsProximity Removes from the grid points that are too distant from their neighbor points. Professional
CropPoint3DGridByPlaneProximity Removes from the grid points that are too distant from a given plane. Professional
CropPoint3DGridToRegion Removes points that are not represented in a given region of the input grid. Professional
JoinPoint3DGrids Combines two point grids into one. Professional
MirrorPoint3DGrid Mirrors each grid point according to the input plane. Professional
RescalePoint3DGrid Changes the distances of grid points to a reference point. Professional
RotatePoint3DGrid Rotates a grid of 3D points around an axis in 3D. Professional
SplitPoint3DGridByPlane Separates the points being on one side of the input plane from the others. Professional
TransformPoint3DGrid Applies a general transformation expressed by a matrix to a grid of 3D points. Professional
TranslatePoint3DGrid Translates a grid of points by a vector. Professional