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Point3DGrid Basics

Select a function from the list below.

GetPoint3DGridPoint_InterpolatedReturns an interpolated single point of a point 3D grid.
SkipEmptyPoint3DGridSecures against domain errors caused by empty grids, e.g. just before the FitPlaneToPoints filter is to be invoked.
TestPoint3DGridReturns a sample 3D object.

Select Filter Equivalent below.

AvsFilter_AccessPoint3DGridReturns individual fields of a point 3D grid.
AvsFilter_GetPoint3DGridElementGets the value of a single point of a point 3D grid.
AvsFilter_MakePoint3DGridCreates a point 3D grid structure from individual fields.
MakePoint3DGridFromImageCreating a Point3DGrid structure out of an image obtained from a 3D camera or other external sources that encodes point cloud XYZ coordinates as pixel components of 2D image.