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Lumenera_GetParameterGet parameter
Lumenera_GpioConfigureConfigure pin direction, true for output
Lumenera_GpioReadRead GPI pins
Lumenera_GpioSelectSelect GPO functionality, true for manual toggling using GpioWrite filter (see LucamGpoSelect in Lumenera API for default mode)
Lumenera_GpioWriteWrite GPO pins
Lumenera_GrabImageCaptures a frame using Lumenera.
Lumenera_GrabImage_WithTimeoutCaptures a frame using Lumenera.
Lumenera_SetParameterSet parameter
Lumenera_StartAcquisitionTypically used for establishing camera connectivity before the first trigger event. Especially important for multiple-camera systems.
Lumenera_StopAcquisitionStop image acquisition in a Lumenera device.