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Imago Technologies

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VisionBox_ConfigureLedGeneratorConfigures led signal generator
VisionBox_ConnectMultiplexerOutputConnects internal multiplexer signals
VisionBox_GetCameraTriggerNumberOfOutputsGets number of outputs of camera trigger device
VisionBox_GetDigitalInputReads a digital input state of Imago VisionBox computers.
VisionBox_GetMultiplexerNumberOfOutputsGets number of multiplexer outputs.
VisionBox_GetNumberOfDigitalInputsGets number of available digital inputs.
VisionBox_GetNumberOfDigitalOutputsGets number of digital outputs.
VisionBox_GetNumberOfLedsGets number of available LEDs
VisionBox_GetTriggerGeneratorConfigurationGets trigger generator configuration
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetBufferFillLevelReturns number of occupied entries in IO Scheduler buffer.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetBufferMaxElementCountReturns maximum number of entries in IO Scheduler buffer.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetCounterGets values of selected counter in IO Scheduler unit.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerGetNumberOfOutputsReturns number of available outputs of IO Scheduler unit of Vision Box computer.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerPushValuePuts value in IO Scheduler buffer.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerResetResets and disable IO Scheduler logic.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetCompareSourceConfigures comparison element of IO Scheduler unit.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetEncoderDirectionConfigures direction of encoder input of IO Scheduler unit.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetOutputPulsTimingConfigure pulse parameters of IO Scheduler output.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerSetTriggerSourceConnects signal to IO Scheduler input.
VisionBox_IOSchedulerStartEnables IO Scheduler logic in FPGA unit of Vision Box.
VisionBox_RS232ConfigureBaudRateConfigures RS232 port. Has to be called before any other Vision Box' RS232 operation.
VisionBox_RS232GetAvailableByteCountGets number of bytes waiting in RS232 buffer.
VisionBox_RS232ReadNBytesReads byte array from RS232 port.
VisionBox_RS232WriteNBytesSends byte array through RS232 port.
VisionBox_RS422GetReads state of inputs as integer number.
VisionBox_RS422GetBitReads state of particular input of RS 422 port.
VisionBox_RS422GetNumberOfInputsReturns number of available inputs of RS 422 port.
VisionBox_RS422GetNumberOfOutputsReturns number of available outputs of RS 422 port.
VisionBox_RS422SetSets all outputs of RS422 port.
VisionBox_RS422SetBitSets state of particular output of RS 422 port.
VisionBox_RS422SetSourceSets source of RS 422 port outputs.
VisionBox_SetCameraTriggerSets camera trigger configuration
VisionBox_SetDigitalOutputSets a digital output state of Imago VisionBox computers.
VisionBox_SetDigitalOutputSourceSets source for specified digital output pin.
VisionBox_SetLedSets led state
VisionBox_SetLedModeSets led mode
VisionBox_SetTriggerGeneratorConfigurationSets trigger generator configuration
VisionBox_StrobeInitInitializes Strobe. Has to be called before any other Strobe related function.
VisionBox_StrobeSetCurrentSets strobes current
VisionBox_StrobeSetFixedCurrentSets strobes fixed current
VisionBox_StrobeSetLimitsSets strobes limits
VisionBox_StrobeSetOnTimeSets strobes on-time
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerDelaySets strobes trigger delay
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerModeSets strobes trigger mode
VisionBox_StrobeSetTriggerSourceSets strobes trigger source
VisionBox_StrobeSoftwareTriggerSets strobes software trigger.