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Sets strobes fixed current


void avl::VisionBox_StrobeSetFixedCurrent
	VisionBox_State& ioState,
	const int inStrobeUnit,
	const int inSupplyVoltage,
	const int inLoadVoltage,
	const int inMaxOnTime,
	const int inMinOffTime,
	const int inCurrent,
	int& outResult


Name Type Default Description
ioState VisionBox_State& Object used to maintain state of the function.
inStrobeUnit const int Number of strobe device to use
inSupplyVoltage const int Supply voltage used for the strobe output
inLoadVoltage const int The voltage across the load when the output current is equal to inCurrent
inMaxOnTime const int Maximum allowed on-time in us
inMinOffTime const int Minimum allowed off-time in us
inCurrent const int Output current in mA
outResult int& Minimum allowed off-time


This filter is simple wrapper over Strobe::SetFixedCurrent SDK function. Refer to AGE-X SDK to see how to use this function properly.


Precondition for use of VisionBox filters is to have Imago Technologies AGE-X SKD installed on target computer. AGE-X SDK provides filters with necessary libraries (DLL files) and drivers. After installation of AGE-X SDK, system restart may be required.

Recommended AGE-X SDK version for Adaptive Vision Studio usage is

Multithreaded environment

This function is not guaranteed to be thread-safe. When used in multithreaded environment, it has to be manually synchronized.