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Header: AVL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: FoundationBasic

Creates Look Up Table for power operation on image pixels.


void avl::CreatePowerLut
	float inValue,
	const avl::PlainType::Type& inOutputType,
	avl::PixelLut& outLut


Name Type Default Description
inValue float 2.0f
inOutputType const PlainType::Type&
outLut PixelLut&


This operation will create LookUp Table with precalculated values of power operation on all pixel values of type defined in inOutputType. Such LUT can be reused across multiple ApplyPixelLut usages. This filter can create LUTs only for following types: INT8, UINT8, INT16, UINT16.


Standard operations like PowerImage, CorrectGamma and LogarithmImage for images of type Int32 and Real are available in Image Point Transforms category.

See Also

  • ApplyPixelLut – Applies previously created Look Up transformation to provided image.
  • CreatePowerLut – Creates Look Up Table for power operation on image pixels.
  • PowerImage – Exponentiates each pixel to the given power.