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Header: AVL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: FoundationLite

Exponentiates each pixel to the given power.


void avl::PowerImage
	const avl::Image& inImage,
	atl::Optional<const avl::Region&> inRoi,
	float inValue,
	avl::Image& outImage


Name Type Default Description
inImage const Image& Input image
inRoi Optional<const Region&> NIL Range of pixels to be processed
inValue float 2.0f The exponent
outImage Image& Output image

In-place Processing

This function supports in-place data processing - you can pass the same reference to inImage and outImage

Read more about In-place Computation.


When diagnostic mode is used, this filter will check correctness of input data and throw an exception if possibility of NaN value in output image occur. When working in optimized mode, this check is omitted.

Hardware Acceleration

This operation supports automatic parallelization for multicore and multiprocessor systems.

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