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Geometry 3D Basics

Select a function from the list below.

CreateBox3DCreates a box in 3D.
CreateSegment3DProduces a segment in 3D of given parameters.
RandomPoint3DCreates random 3D point inside given box.
SkipEmptyBox3DIf the input box in 3D has all dimensions different from zero, then it is copied to the output; otherwise Nil is returned.
TestBox3DEmptyTests whether the box in 3D is empty.
TestBox3DInBox3DTests whether a box in 3D is contained in another one.
TestBox3DIntersectsWithTests whether two boxes in 3D have non-empty intersection.
TestBox3DNotEmptyTests whether the box in 3D is not empty.

Select Filter Equivalent below.

AvsFilter_AccessBox3DReturns individual fields of a box in 3D.
AvsFilter_AccessCircle3DReturns individual fields of a circle in 3D.
AvsFilter_AccessLine3DReturns individual fields of a line in 3D.
AvsFilter_AccessPlaneReturns individual fields of a plane.
AvsFilter_AccessPoint3DReturns individual fields of a 3d point.
AvsFilter_AccessSegment3DReturns individual fields of a segment 3D.
AvsFilter_AccessSphereReturns individual fields of a sphere.
AvsFilter_MakeBox3DCreates a 3D box structure from individual fields.
AvsFilter_MakeCircle3DCreates a 3D circle structure from individual fields.
AvsFilter_MakeLine3DCreates a line in 3D structure from individual fields.
AvsFilter_MakePlaneCreates a plane structure from individual fields.
AvsFilter_MakePoint3DCreates a 3D point.
AvsFilter_MakeSegment3DCreates a segment 3D structure from individual fields.
AvsFilter_MakeSphereCreates a sphere structure from individual fields.