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Creates a spatial map for transformations from a sphere surface to a flat rectangle.



void avl::CreateSphereMap
	const avl::ImageFormat& inImageFormat,
	const avl::Rectangle2D& inSphereRectangle,
	const float inSphereRadiusCorrection,
	atl::Optional<int> inNewDimension,
	const int inMargin,
	avl::InterpolationMethod::Type inInterpolationMethod,
	avl::SpatialMap& outSpatialMap,
	atl::Optional<avl::Region&> outOutputRegion = atl::NIL


Name Type Range Default Description
inImageFormat const ImageFormat& Information about dimensions, depth and pixel type of the image
inSphereRectangle const Rectangle2D& Bounding rectangle of a sphere
inSphereRadiusCorrection const float 0.0 - 0.0f How many pixels the sphere radius is larger than the visible circle radius
inNewDimension Optional<int> 1 - NIL Width and height of an image created by output spatial map application
inMargin const int 0 - 0 Width of the sphere extreme points zone excluded from spatial map
inInterpolationMethod InterpolationMethod::Type Bilinear Interpolation method used in extraction of image pixel values
outSpatialMap SpatialMap& Output spatial map
outOutputRegion Optional<Region&> NIL Pixels set by the spatial map application


Results of applying RemapImage with a spatial map created with the CreateSphereMap filter.

Hardware Acceleration

This operation supports automatic parallelization for multicore and multiprocessor systems.


Error type Description
DomainError Empty rectangle on input in CreateSphereMap.