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Module: FoundationLite

Creates a string from a fragment of the input string.

Name Type Range Description
Input value
inString String
Input value
inStart Integer 0 -
Input value
inLength Integer* 0 -
Output value
outSubstring String


When inString input parameter is:

Test string

and mandatory input parameter inStart equals 5, filter will give as a result outSubstring:


since the indexing of the string is zero-based and string starts at 5-th index of Test string. Notice that whitespace is not included into result, because its index is 4.

Naturally, it is also possible to manipulate length of outSubstring. For considered example, in case when optional input parameter inLength is in use and its value equals 3 an output outSubstring of the filter will be:


Complexity Level

This filter is available on Advanced Complexity Level.