Header: AVLDL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: DeepLearning

Loads a deep learning model and prepares its execution on a specific target device.


void avl::DL_LocateObjects_Deploy
	const avl::LocateObjectsModelDirectory& inModelDirectory,
	const atl::Optional<avl::DeviceType::Type>& inTargetDevice,
	const atl::Optional<avl::Size>& inInputSizeHint,
	avl::LocateObjectsModelId& outModelId


Name Type Default Description
Input value
inModelDirectory const LocateObjectsModelDirectory& A Locate Objects model stored in a specific disk directory.
Input value
inTargetDevice const Optional<DeviceType::Type>& NIL A device selected for deploying and executing the model. If not set, device depending on version (CPU/GPU) of installed Deep Learning Add-on is selected.
Input value
inInputSizeHint const Optional<Size>& NIL Prepares the model for an execution with a given maximum input size (image size or a size of a roi bounding box) in advance
Output value
outModelId LocateObjectsModelId& Identifier of the deployed model