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Surface Features

Select a filter from the list below.

SurfaceAreaComputes the surface area of given surface.
SurfaceBoundingBoxComputes the bounding box 3D of given surface.
SurfaceBoundingBox_OrNilComputes the bounding box 3D of given surface; returns NIL if no valid point is present.
SurfaceFlatnessComputes the surface flatness i.e. how thick the surface is according to the input plane.
SurfaceMassCenterComputes the mass center of surface points.
SurfaceMaximalPointFinds the surface point with maximal Z coordinate.
SurfaceMedianFinds the median Z coordinate of the surface.
SurfaceMinimalPointFinds the surface point with minimal Z coordinate.
SurfaceProfileAlongPathThis is the first step of all 1D Edge Detection 3D operations. Here available for direct use by the user.
SurfaceToPlaneDistanceImageComputes the image of the distances of the input surface points from a given plane.
SurfaceValidPointsRegionComputes region of locations where points are valid in a surface and where they are invalid.
SurfaceVolumeComputes the volume of given surface.