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Loop Utils

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AccumulateElementsCreates an array from elements appearing in many iterations.
CountConditionsCounts in how many iterations the input condition was met.
CountValueInLoopCounts value occurrences in all loop iterations.
ExitIf the specified condition is true, exits the macrofilter loop.
LastExactlyNObjectsReturns an array of N most recent objects.
LastMarkedObjectReturns the last value passed with inCondition set to 'True'.
LastMultipleObjectsReturns an array of most recent objects.
LastNotNilReturns the last value passed that existed.
LastTwoObjectsReturns the current and the previous object.
LoopMaximumReturns the object for which the associated value was the highest among all iterations.
LoopMinimumReturns the object for which the associated value was the lowest among all iterations.
TestFirstIterationChecks if a loop is in the first iteration.
TestObjectChangedChecks if the input object is different than in the previous iteration.