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Loads data from a DXF file as an image.

Name Type Range Description
inDxfFile File
inScale Real 0.0 - Scale (pixels per millimeter)
inSize Size* Size of the output image. Scaled entities from file will be centered on image
inBackgroundColor Pixel
inLayersToDraw StringArray* Names of layers to draw. Names of all layers are available at the 'diagFileLayersNames' output
outOrigin Point2D Location of the origin from DXF on 'outImage'
outImage Image Output image
diagFileLayersNames StringArray Names of all layers in DXF file


Partial Support

This filter offers only a partial support of DXF files. Notably, Polyline and MText objects will have to be converted to 2D Polyline, Line or Text objects for them to be displayed. Also, SHX files are not supported.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Expert Complexity Level.