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Gets GigeVision device statistics data.

Name Type Description
inDeviceID String* Device identifying address
outTotalBufferCount Long The total count of processed buffers
outFailedBufferCount Long The count of buffers that returned with an error status
outLastFailedBufferStatus Long The status code of the last failed buffer
outLastFailedBufferStatusText String The message text of the status code of the last failed buffer
outMissedFrameCount Long The count of bad or missed frames between successfully grabbed images
outResynchronizationCount Long The count of stream resynchronizations
outLastBlockId Long The last grabbed block ID
outNumEmptyBuffers Long The number of empty buffers that are not used for grabbing yet
outNumQueuedBuffers Long The number of buffers queued at Low Level API stream grabber
outNumReadyBuffers Long The number of grab result buffers in the output queue that are ready for retrieval
outOutputQueueSize Long The size of the grab result buffer output queue

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.

Disabled in Lite Edition

This filter is disabled in Lite Edition. It is available only in full, Adaptive Vision Studio Professional version.