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Module: ThirdParty

Initializes and starts image acquisition.

Name Type Range Description
inInputQueueSize Integer 1 - 1000 Number of incoming frames that can be buffered before the application is able to process them
inImageFormat RoseekImageFormat Image pixel format
inResolutionMode RoseekResolutionMode* Set resolution of image
inROI Box* Set resolution region. Has effect only if resolution mode is ROI.
inFrameRate Real* 0.1 - 400.0 Requested camera frame rate in frames per second
inWorkingMode RoseekWorkingMode* Working mode of image acquisition
inSensitivityLevel Integer* 0 - 3 Sensitivity level of camera sensor
inExposureMode RoseekExposureMode* Exposure mode, should be set to Manual if you want to adjust inExposureTime manually
inExposureTime Integer* 0 - Camera frame exposition time
inGain Real* 0.0 - 36.0 Camera exposure gain

Multithreaded environment

This function is not guaranteed to be thread-safe. When used in multithreaded environment, it has to be manually synchronized.

Complexity Level

This filter is available on Basic Complexity Level.