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Region Basics

Select a function from the list below.

Icon Name Description
CreateBoxBorderRegion Creates a frame-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateBoxRegion Creates a rectangular region corresponding to a given box.
CreateCircleRegion Creates a circular region corresponding to a given circle.
CreateCrossRegion Creates a cross-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateEllipseRegion Creates an elliptic region of given bounding rectangle.
CreateGridRegion Creates a grid-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateLineRegion Creates a line region.
CreatePathBorderRegion Creates a region from a path with given parameters.
CreatePathRegion Creates a region along given path
CreatePolygonRegion Creates a polygonal region corresponding to a given closed path.
CreateRectangleBorderRegion Creates a frame-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateRectangleRegion Creates a region corresponding to a given rectangle.
CreateRingRegion Creates a ring-shaped region with given parameters.
CreateSegmentRegion Creates a segment region.
GetRegionFrame Returns the width and height of the entire region's frame (not to be confused with RegionBoundingBox!)
LocationsToRegion Forms a region containing pixels of given locations.
RegionCharacteristicPoint Returns a characteristic point of the input's region bounding box.
RegionToLocations Converts a region to an array of its pixels locations.
SetRegionFrame Changes the width and the height of a region's frame (but does not rescale the content).
SkipEmptyRegion Secures against domain errors caused by empty regions, e.g. just before the RegionMassCenter filter is to be invoked.
TestRegionEmpty Tests whether the size of a region equals zero.
TestRegionNotEmpty Tests whether the size of a region doesn't equal zero.
TestRegionOnBorder Tests whether a region is adjacent to its border.
VerifyRegion Checks if the input region is a valid Region object.