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SmartRay_GrabImageCaptures a live image using SmartRay.
SmartRay_GrabImage_WithTimeoutCaptures with timeout a live image using SmartRay.
SmartRay_GrabPILImagesCaptures a PIL images using SmartRay.
SmartRay_GrabPointCloudCaptures a point cloud using SmartRay.
SmartRay_GrabPointCloud_WithTimeoutCaptures a point cloud with timeout using SmartRay.
SmartRay_GrabZILImagesCaptures a ZIL images using SmartRay.
SmartRay_LoadParameterSetLoad parameter set from file to SmartRay device.
SmartRay_MeanFilterSmartRay mean filter.
SmartRay_MedianFilterSmartRay median filter.
SmartRay_SetDigitalOutputSet digital output of SmartRay device.
SmartRay_SmoothImageSmartRay smooth filter dedicated to 3D vision .
SmartRay_StartAcquisitionStart acquisition using SmartRay.
SmartRay_StopAcquisitionStop acquisition using SmartRay.