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Image Features

Select a function from the list below.

DistanceTransformComputes an image in which the pixel values denote the estimated distances to the nearest bright pixel in the input image.
ImageCenterReturns the geometrical center of an image.
ImageHistogramComputes the histogram of the image pixel values.
ImageLocalMaximaDetection of characteristic points, usually after some image transformations.
ImageLocalMinimaDetection of characteristic points, usually after some image transformations.
ImageMassCenterComputes a point with coordinates equal to image mass center in brightness scale.
ImageMomentComputes the selected moment of an image in regular and normalized (divided by sum of pixel values) variant.
ImageOrientationComputes the orientation of an image using image moments. The result range is from 0.0 to 180.0.
ImagePixelsReturns an array of pixels from the input image.
ImagePixelValuesReturns an array of pixel values from the input image.
ImageProfileAlongPathThis is the first step of all 1D Edge Detection operations. Here available for direct use by the user.
ImageProjectionComputes the average (or other statistic) for each image row or column and then merges the obtained results into a profile.
ImageRidgesFinds ridge pixels in an image.
ImageSharpnessDesigned for manual or automatic camera focus adjustment.