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Geometry 2D Constructions

Select a function from the list below.

CircleTangentsComputes circle tangent lines passing through a point.
CircleThroughPointsComputes a circle passing through three noncollinear points.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromPointMost often used to define an object alignment from results of 1D Edge Detection or Blob Analysis.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromRectangleMost often used to define an object alignment from a filter like RegionBoundingRectangle.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromSegmentCreates a coordinate system with the origin on a given segment.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromTwoPointsMost often used to define an object alignment from results of two 1D Edge Detection scans, each of which locates one side of a rectangular object.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromVectorBoth vectors and coordinate systems can represent object translations. This operation does a conversion.
LineThroughPointComputes a line passing through a point with given angle.
LineThroughPointsComputes a line passing through two distinct points.
ProjectPointOnCircleProjects a point onto a circle.
ProjectPointOnLineProjects a point onto a line.
ProjectPointsOnCircleProjects points onto a circle.
ProjectPointsOnLineProjects points onto a line.
SplitRectangleSplits the rectangle into two along the direction.
VectorBetweenPointsComputes a vector representing distance from one point to another.