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Geometry 2D Constructions

Select a function from the list below.

CircleTangentsComputes circle tangent lines passing through a point.
CircleThroughPointsComputes a circle passing through three noncollinear points.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromPointCreates a coordinate system with the specified origin.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromRectangleCreates a coordinate system from a rectangle.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromSegmentCreates a coordinate system with the origin on a given segment.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromTwoPointsCreates a coordinate system with two points on its axes.
CreateCoordinateSystemFromVectorCreates a coordinate system from a vector.
LineThroughPointComputes a line passing through a point with given angle.
LineThroughPointsComputes a line passing through two distinct points.
ProjectPointOnCircleProjects a point onto a circle.
ProjectPointOnLineProjects a point onto a line.
ProjectPointsOnCircleProjects points onto a circle.
ProjectPointsOnLineProjects points onto a line.
SplitRectangleSplits the rectangle into two along the direction.
VectorBetweenPointsComputes a vector representing distance from one point to another.