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This is Filter Equivalent. This function may be present in generated code, but should not be used in hand-written code.


Creates a coordinate system structure from individual fields.


void avs::AvsFilter_MakeCoordinateSystem
	const avl::Point2D& inOrigin,
	float inAngle,
	float inScale,
	avl::CoordinateSystem2D& outCoordinateSystem


Name Type Range Default Description
inOrigin const Point2D& Origin of the coordinate system
inAngle float Clock-wise orientation angle
inScale float 0.0 - 1.0f
outCoordinateSystem CoordinateSystem2D&


  • Consider using "Expand Structure Fields" command from the input port's context menu instead of this filter. This will make the program more concise and thus easier to understand in most cases.
  • "Make" filters should only be used when you need to create a structure explicitly and then use it in more than one further filters.


Read more about Local Coordinate Systems in Machine Vision Guide: Local Coordinate Systems.