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Select a function from the list below.

BoolToPassFailStatusConversion between Bool and PassFailStatus
BoxToRectangle2DConverts a box to a rectangle.
BoxToShapeRegionConverts a box to a shape region.
Circle2DToRegionOfInterestConverts a circle to region of interest.
Circle2DToShapeRegionConverts a circle to a shape region.
DeepModelToDeepModel_AnomalyDetection1Conversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_AnomalyDetection1
DeepModelToDeepModel_AnomalyDetection2Conversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_AnomalyDetection2
DeepModelToDeepModel_ClassificationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_Classification
DeepModelToDeepModel_FeatureDetectionConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_FeatureDetection
DeepModelToDeepModel_InstanceSegmentationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_ImageSegmentation
DeepModelToDeepModel_PointLocationConversion between DeepModel and DeepModel_PointLocation
Gap1DToSegment2DConverts a gap to a segment.
ImageToImageFormatConverts an image to an image format.
ImageToSizeConverts an image to a size.
IntegerToPixelConverts an integer value to pixel.
LensDistortionToMatrixReturns LensDistortion as a Matrix of distortion coefficients.
LocationArrayToPoint2DArrayConverts an array of locations to an array of points.
LocationToPoint2DConverts a location to its center point.
PassFailStatusToBoolConversion between PassFailStatus and Bool
PathToPoint2DArrayConverts a path to an array of points.
Point2DArrayToLocationArrayConverts an array of points to an array of locations.
Point2DToLocationConverts a point to a location its contained within.
Point3DArrayToPoint2DArrayConverts an array of points in 3D to an array of points in 2D by ignoring their Z coordinates.
Point3DGridToPoint3DArrayConverts a grid of points to an array of points.
Point3DToPoint2DConverts a point in 3D to a point in 2D by ignoring its Z coordinate.
ProfileToPoint2DArrayConverts a profile to an array of points.
ProfileToRealArrayConverts a profile to an array of real numbers.
RealArrayToPixelArrayConverts an array of real values to an array of pixels.
RealArrayToProfileConverts an array of real numbers to a profile.
RealToPixelConverts a real value to pixel.
Rectangle2DToRegionOfInterestConverts a rectangle to region of interest.
Rectangle2DToShapeRegionConverts a rectangle to a shape region.
RegionToImageConverts a region to an image.
RegionToRegionOfInterestConverts a region to region of interest.
Segment2DToLine2DConverts a segment to a line.
Segment2DToPathConverts a segment to a path.
Segment3DToLine3DConverts a segment in 3D to a line in 3D.
StringLabelToStringConverts a StringLabel object to a String.
Stripe1DToSegment2DConverts a stripe to a segment.
SurfaceToImageConverts a surface object to an image.
SurfaceToPoint3DArrayConverts a surface object to an array of points.
SurfaceToPoint3DGridConverts a surface object to a grid of points.
SurfaceToSurfaceFormatConverts a surface to a surface format.

Select Filter Equivalent below.

BoolToStringConverts a boolean value to a string.
DirectoryToStringConverts a directory path to a string.
DoubleToRealConverts a Double to Real
DoubleToStringConverts a double number to a string.
ExecutionStatusToBoolConverts a ExecutionStatus to Bool
FileToStringConverts a file path to a string.
GocatorAddressToStringConverts a Gocator device address to a String.
IntegerArrayToRealArrayConverts an array of integer numbers to an array of real numbers.
IntegerToDoubleConverts an integer to a double number.
IntegerToLongConverts an Integer to Long
IntegerToRealConverts an integer to a real number.
IntegerToStringConverts an integer to a string.
LongToDoubleConverts a long to a double number.
LongToIntegerConverts a Long to Integer
LongToStringConverts a long to a string.
RealArrayToIntegerArrayConverts an array of real numbers to an array of integer numbers.
RealToDoubleConverts a Real to Double
RealToIntegerConverts a real number to an integer.
RealToStringConverts a real number to a string.
StringToDirectoryConverts a string to a directory path.
StringToFileConverts a string to a file path.
StringToGenParameterNameConverts a string to a GenICam parameter name.
StringToGevAddressConverts a string to a GigEVision device address.
StringToGevParameterNameConverts a string to a GigEVision parameter name.
StringToGevPixelFormatConverts a string to a GigEVision image pixel format.
StringToGocatorAddressConverts a string to a Gocator device address.