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Select a function from the list below.

ChargeImageMemoryPoolsPreallocates memory buffers for images.
ControlAVX2Enables or disables AVX2 cpu extension usage by other filters.
ControlImageMemoryPoolsEnables or disables deterministic image memory allocator.
ControlParallelComputingEnables or disables filters multithreading parallelization.
ControlSIMDEnables or disables SIMD cpu extension (e.g. SSE, AVX2, NEON) usage by other filters.
ControlSSEEnables or disables SSE cpu extension usage by other filters.
DischargeImageMemoryPoolsReleases preallocated image memory buffers.
GetComputerIDGets current Computer ID
GetDongleSerialNumberGets current dongle serial number
GetLibraryVersionGets current library version
InitLibraryInitializes library internals. Should be called before any other function from AVL.
InspectImageMemoryPoolsReturns information about allocated image memory buffers. This information can be used for preallocation.

Select Filter Equivalent below.

AvsFilter_EnableGPUProcessingResumes or suspends GPU OpenCL processing in filters.
AvsFilter_InitGPUProcessingInitializes GPU OpenCL processing.