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AVL Common

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CancelCurrentWorkSet function cancellation flag. Function is thread-safe.
CloseGPUProcessingDisables GPU processing.
EnableAvlDiagnosticOutputsEnables computation of diagnostics outputs.
EnableGPUProcessingEnables GPU processing.
EnableNEONAccelerationEnables NEON acceleration. Only on ARM CPUs.
EnableSSEAccelerationEnables SSE acceleration.
GetAvlDiagnosticOutputsEnabledReturns AVL diagnostic state.
GetAVX2AccelerationEnabledReturns the state of the AVX2 acceleration.
GetGPUProcessingDiagInfoReturns GPU diagnostic information.
GetNEONAccelerationEnabledReturns the state of the NEON acceleration.
GetParallelComputingThreadsCountReturns maximal number of threads to be used for computing.
GetSSEAccelerationEnabledReturns returns state of SSE acceleration.
InitGPUProcessingInitializes GPU processing with a selected device.
IsCurrentWorkCancelledReturns true if function cancellation was requested.
ResetIsCurrentWorkCancelledReset function cancellation flag.
SetParallelComputingControls the state and number of available threads.