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Segment2DDesigner Class

Prompts the user to edit the Segment2D.



Segment2DDesigner(IContainer) Initializes an instance of the Segment2DDesigner dialog using IContainer object which is responsible for disposing this dialog.
Segment2DDesigner() Initializes an instance of the Segment2DDesigner.


BackgroundsAvlNet.Image Gets or sets the designer background images
CoordinateSystemsAvlNet.CoordinateSystem2D Gets or sets the available coordinate systems in which the shape may be edited.
IconSystem.Drawing.Icon Gets or sets the designer icon
IsDisposedSystem.Boolean Gets if the designer is _disposed
MessageSystem.String Gets or sets the message that will be displayed to the dialog user.
Segment2DAvlNet.Segment2D Gets or sets the Segment2D edited in the dialog.
SiteSystem.ComponentModel.ISiteInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
SizeSystem.Drawing.Size Gets or sets a start size for the designer
StartLocationSystem.Drawing.Point Gets or sets a start location for the designer
StartPositionSystem.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition Gets or sets a start position for the designer
TitleSystem.String Gets or sets the designer title


Dispose()Disposes underlying unmanaged resources. See MSDN documentation for IDisposable interface for more info.
Equals(object)Inherited from System.Object
GetHashCode()Inherited from System.Object
GetType()Inherited from System.Object
ShowDialog() Shows the editor as a modal window
ShowDialog(System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window) Shows the editor as a modal window with a specified owner
ToString()Inherited from System.Object

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