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Designer Class


Displays a dialog box from which user can edit an object.


BackgroundsAvlNet.Image[] Gets or sets the designer background images
IconSystem.Drawing.Icon Gets or sets the designer icon
IsDisposedSystem.Boolean Gets if the designer is _disposed
SiteSystem.ComponentModel.ISite Gets or sets the ISite of the designer
SizeSystem.Drawing.Size Gets or sets a start size for the designer
StartLocationSystem.Drawing.Point Gets or sets a start location for the designer
StartPositionSystem.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition Gets or sets a start position for the designer
TitleSystem.String Gets or sets the designer title


Dispose() Releases all resources used by the designer
Equals(object)Inherited from System.Object
GetHashCode()Inherited from System.Object
GetType()Inherited from System.Object
SetTheme(System.Drawing.Color, System.Drawing.Color, AvlNet.Designers.Designer.AvlNet.Designers.Designer.IconSet) Sets designer color theme.
ShowDialog() Shows the editor as a modal window
ShowDialog(System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window) Shows the editor as a modal window with a specified owner
ToString()Inherited from System.Object


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