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RegionDesigner Class

Prompts the user to edit a Region.



RegionDesigner(IContainer) Initializes an instance of the Rectangle2DDesigner dialog using IContainer object which is responsible for disposing this dialog.
RegionDesigner() Initializes an instance of the Rectangle2DDesigner.


BackgroundsAvlNet.Image[]Inherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
HideSelectorsSystem.BooleanGets or sets if dialog user will be able to choose reference image.
IconSystem.Drawing.IconInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
IsDisposedSystem.BooleanInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
MessageSystem.String Gets or sets the message that will be displayed to the dialog user.
RegionAvlNet.Region Gets or sets the Rectangle2D edited in the dialog.
SiteSystem.ComponentModel.ISiteInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
SizeSystem.Drawing.SizeInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
StartLocationSystem.Drawing.PointInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
StartPositionSystem.Windows.Forms.FormStartPositionInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer
TitleSystem.StringInherited from a AvlNet.Designers.Designer


Dispose()Inherited from AvlNet.Designers.Designer
Equals(object)Inherited from System.Object
GetHashCode()Inherited from System.Object
GetType()Inherited from System.Object
ShowDialog() Shows the editor as a modal window
ShowDialog(System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window) Shows the editor as a modal window with a specified owner
ToString()Inherited from System.Object


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