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Approximates points of the input surface with a plane using selected M-estimator for outlier suppression.



public static void FitPlaneToSurface_M
	AvlNet.Surface inSurface,
	NullableRef<AvlNet.Region> inRoi,
	AvlNet.MEstimator inOutlierSuppression,
	float inClippingFactor,
	int inIterationCount,
	AvlNet.Plane3D? inInitialPlane,
	out AvlNet.Plane3D outPlane,
	IList<AvlNet.Point3D> outInliers,
	IList<float> outDistances,
	out float outSignedDistanceSum,
	out float outDistanceSum,
	IList<float> outSquaredDistances,
	out float outSquaredDistanceSum


Name Type Range Default Description
inSurfaceAvlNet.SurfaceInput surface.
inRoiAvlNet.NullableRef<AvlNet.Region>Region of interest. Default value: atl::NIL.
inOutlierSuppressionAvlNet.MEstimatorSelects a method for ignoring points being much different from the rest.
inClippingFactorfloat<0.675f, 6.0f>2.5fMultitude of standard deviation within which points are considered inliers. Default value: 2.5f.
inIterationCountint<0, INF>5Number of iterations of outlier suppressing algorithm. Default value: 5.
inInitialPlaneAvlNet.Plane3D?Initial approximation (if available). Default value: atl::NIL.
outPlaneAvlNet.Plane3DFitted plane.
outInliersSystem.Collections.Generic.IList<AvlNet.Point3D>Points matching the computed plane.
outDistancesSystem.Collections.Generic.IList<float>Distances of the input points to a resulting plane.
outSignedDistanceSumfloatSum of signed distances of the input points to a resulting plane.
outDistanceSumfloatSum of distances of the input points to a resulting plane.
outSquaredDistancesSystem.Collections.Generic.IList<float>Squared distances of the input points to a resulting plane.
outSquaredDistanceSumfloatSum of squared distances of the input points to a resulting plane.


List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError No points to fit the plane to in FitPlaneToSurface_M.

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