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Header: AVL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: FoundationBasic

Returns the region from the input array that corresponds to the smallest computed feature value.

Applications: Use this filter when you have an array of regions and you want to select one of them that best matches some criterion.


void avl::GetMinimumRegion
	const atl::Array<avl::Region>& inRegions,
	avl::RegionFeature::Type inFeature,
	avl::Region& outRegion,
	atl::Optional<float&> outValue = atl::NIL,
	atl::Optional<int&> outIndex = atl::NIL


Name Type Default Description
inRegions const Array<Region>& Input regions
inFeature RegionFeature::Type Region feature value to be computed
outRegion Region& Output region
outValue Optional<float&> NIL Computed feature value of the output region
outIndex Optional<int&> NIL

Optional Outputs

The computation of following outputs can be switched off by passing value atl::NIL to these parameters: outValue, outIndex.

Read more about Optional Outputs.


The filter computes the selected feature value for every input region and returns the one for which value is the smallest.


GetMinimumRegion performed with Area as the selected region feature.


List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError Empty region array on input in GetMinimumRegion.

See Also

  • GetMaximumRegion – Returns the region from the input array that corresponds to the largest computed feature value.
  • SortRegions – Changes the order of regions from the input array according to an ascending/descending sequence of their computed feature values.
  • ClassifyRegions – Splits an array of regions according to the selected feature and range.