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Header: AVL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: FoundationBasic

Creates regions of the holes of the input region.


void avl::RegionHoles
	const avl::Region& inRegion,
	avl::RegionConnectivity::Type inConnectivity,
	int inMinHoleArea,
	atl::Optional<int> inMaxHoleArea,
	atl::Array<avl::Region> & outHoles


Name Type Range Default Description
inRegion const Region& Input region
inConnectivity RegionConnectivity::Type Region connectivity semantics
inMinHoleArea int 0 - 1 Minimal area of a resulting hole
inMaxHoleArea Optional<int> 0 - NIL Maximal area of a resulting hole
outHoles Array<Region> &


The operation computes regions representing holes of input region. Holes of a region are those connected areas of pixels not belonging to the region, that do not touch the boundary of the region frame.


RegionHoles run on a sample region.

See Also

  • FillRegionHoles – Adds pixels to the input region so that it contains no holes.