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Header: AVL.h
Namespace: avl
Module: Calibration

Joins two matrices of coordinates to produce a SpatialMap for use in RemapImage.


void avl::ConvertMatrixMapsToSpatialMap
	const avl::ImageFormat& inImageFormat,
	const avl::Matrix& inMatrixX,
	const avl::Matrix& inMatrixY,
	avl::InterpolationMethod::Type inInterpolationMethod,
	bool inRoundingOpenCV,
	avl::SpatialMap& outSpatialMap,
	atl::Optional<avl::Region&> outOutputRegion = atl::NIL


Name Type Default Description
Input value
inImageFormat const ImageFormat& Information about dimensions, depth and pixel type of the image
Input value
inMatrixX const Matrix& Map of real X coordinates
Input value
inMatrixY const Matrix& Map of real Y coordinates
Input value
inInterpolationMethod InterpolationMethod::Type Bilinear
Input value
inRoundingOpenCV bool Use same interpolation convention as cvRemap
Output value
outSpatialMap SpatialMap& Output spatial map
Output value
outOutputRegion Optional<Region&> NIL Pixels set by the spatial map application

Optional Outputs

The computation of following outputs can be switched off by passing value atl::NIL to these parameters: outOutputRegion.

Read more about Optional Outputs.


The two source matrices contain real-valued coordinates - if inMatrixX[a, b] = x and inMatrixY[a, b] = y, then the RemapImage filter applied with this map will generate the outImage[a, b] pixel based on pixels around (x, y) in inImage.

One example of application of this filter is the conversion of matrix maps generated with the OpenCV filter OpenCV InitUndistortRectifyMap function.

The inRoundingOpenCV parameter should be set to true if the matrices passed to this filter were obtained from an OpenCV function, like OpenCV InitUndistortRectifyMap function. This ensures that the results of RemapImage will be identical to OpenCV Remap function used with the same interpolation.


List of possible exceptions:

Error type Description
DomainError Format of an empty image on input in ConvertMatrixMapsToSpatialMap.
DomainError Input matrices must have equal sizes in ConvertMatrixMapsToSpatialMap.

See Also

  • RemapImage – Applies a precomputed image transform, defined by a spatial map object.